Dentistry as a Business

The Business of Dentistry, like the spokes of a wheel, has many facets. If any of the following dimensions are lacking the dental practice will not flourish nor will it reach its full potential.

    • Speaker: Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky
    • Cost $475 (+GST) per course, per participant
    • Course Duration: 1 day (each course)
    • Maximum number of participants for each course: 30


The dentist must not only be the dental practitioner but also the bookkeeper and manager of the dental practice. He or she must be a strong leader…but how?

The dental marketplace is also drastically changing and so “the leader” must be prepared for the changing economics in the future of dentistry.

What does the future of dentistry hold?

A. Leadership

    • Profession or Business
    • Basic Principal of Leadership
    • Characteristics of Principal Centered Leadership
    • Three Characteristics of Great Leaders
    • Methods of Influence
    • Managers verses Leadership
    • Characteristics of good Managers
    • Chronic Problems in Dental Offices
    • Benefits of Strong Leadership
    • Pitfalls of Dental Leadership
    • Guiding Principles of Leadership
    • Dental Philosophies and philosophies of practice

B. Dental Economics:

    • Income Comparisons
    • Income of Dentists
    • Number and location of dentists
    • Dental Tourism
    • Future of Dentistry
    • Dental Groups
    • Digital Dentistry
    • Fee discounting
    • Fee guide
    • Generation Gap
    • Publicly traded dental companies

Course 2: FINANCE

Running a successful practice includes the skills you bring to the dentist’s chair and the financial knowledge needed to manage every other aspect from equipment purchases to cash flow management.

Very few dentists are taught this during their dental program and often must either find out the hard way or through their accountant which has limited knowledge about running the day to day operations of the dental practice.

    • Solvency
    • Income & Expenses
    • Dental Overhead
    • Dental Budget
    • Staff wages
    • Historical dental trends
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Assignment vs. Non Assignment
    • Tax and income splitting
    • Cost of Poor Quality Dentistry
    • Management by Statistics
    • Emergency Situation
    • Accounting and Records
    • Financial Statements
    • Banking
    • Business Plan
    • Dental Fees
    • Guarantees
    • 5 P’s of Profit
    • Credit Profile


As dental health care professionals, we are serious about the delivery of care within a legal and regulatory framework.

Just as we want to continue to improve our clinical skills, synthesize and evaluate past and present dental literature, then we want to be at least familiar with legal issues to mainstream dentistry.

    • Business Models
    • Risk Management
    • Malpractice/Malpractice prevention
    • Code of Ethics
    • Dental supplies and products
    • Premise Leases
    • Dental Fraud
    • Employee Embezzlement
    • Non Dental ownership of dental clinics
    • Employment Standards
    • Dental Agreements
    • Wrongful Dismissal
    • Employer of Choice
    • ADA & C
    • The importance of staff in managing risks


How to become a multimillion dollar practice!

No matter what size your practice is, reaching out to new and prospective patients is a must for every dentist. Even dentists with a robust roster of patients experience natural patient loss as individuals and their families go through life changes.

In order to preserve a healthy pipeline of new patients a practice must implement a marketing strategy.

    • Attracting New Patients
    • Internal and External Marketing
    • Location of your dental practice
    • Image of your dental practice
    • Developing a Marketing plan
    • Budget of your Marketing plan
    • Return on your investment
    • Alberta Dental Association Code of Ethics
    • Branding
    • Dental Office Marketing Ideas
    • The Internet and the Web Pages
    • Creative ways in attracting new patients
    • Window Graphics
    • Practice Brochures
    • Practice Welcome Folders
    • Website Design
    • Patient Direct Newsletters – Electronic
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Patient Direct Newsletters – Print
    • Patient-On-Hold
    • Patient Referral
    • Community Newsletter Program
    • Networking


A dental Practice like any other dental business must operate efficiently to be profitable.

To create that magic team, we need solid systems for our team to follow. Everything we do needs to be documented so that our team can know how to best accomplish every task with efficiency and skill.

    • Systems in a dental Practice
    • Hygiene as a profit centre
    • Appointment book control
    • Treatment Co-ordinator
    • New patient experience
    • Treatment planning and case presentation
    • Dental computers
    • Staff meetings/communication
    • Fee collections and financial arrangements
    • Handling emergencies
    • Bonus Systems
    • Hygiene Bonus systems
    • Production and Collection goals/ Goal setting
    • Addressing the office website
    • Infection Control management
    • Office Manual, Job Descriptions
    • Customer service
    • Reducing no shows and cancellations


Hiring the “Dream team” is every dentist’s goal.

Very few dentists actually accomplish this. The result is often staff conflicts, gossip, lack of motivation and a less than productive, dental practice.

    • Hiring the right team
    • Job descriptions
    • How to communicate for results
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Wages and staff benefits
    • Staff evaluation and Assessment
    • Staff Training and Development
    • Continuing Dental Education Programs
    • Performance agreements and employee appraisals that align with the vision and budget of the practice
    • Fraud in the dental practice
    • Team building
    • Associates and compensations


Ultimately we must all retire.

Becoming “financially independent” is every dentist’s goal. Very few achieve this due to a lack of planning.

    • Personal financial planning
    • Tax planning and income splitting
    • Multiple sources of income
    • Retirement planning
    • Cash flow management
    • Estate planning
    • Transition planning
    • Business plan


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“Dr. Podilsky has a true grasp of the complexities of the business of dentistry. He compiles years of experience into a concise, well-planned series of presentations that would be helpful to practitioners at any stage of their careers.”

Dr. Rob Joly