Diagnostic Keys to Comprehensive Treatment Planning

This fast paced 1-day session will cover all the preliminary details for comprehensive treatment planning.

    • Speaker: Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky and Dr. Deborah Cooper
    • Cost $425 (+GST) per participant

    • Course Duration: 1 day
    • Maximum number of participants for each course: 25

  • Photographic ViewsOne copy of the “Photographic Views” is included with the course. For additional copies, please click the “Buy Now” button below.
    Book price: $170 (+GST, shipping included).
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This course does NOT prepare you for the “Hands-On Restorative Case Preparation and Insertion” patient experience course. This course requires “The Digital Photography, Treatment Panning and Diagnosis, Smile Design + Business Talk” as a pre-requisite.


  • Digital photography

    • Value of dental photography
    • Photographic views, armamentarium, ergonomic positioning
    • Patient photographic presentation and verbal skills to explain treatment

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    • Data collection and records
    • New Patient protocols
    • Radiology Analysis
    • Treatment planning a complex case
    • Smile and esthetic analysis
    • Occlusion analysis in treatment planning