Digital Photography, Treatment Planning and Diagnosis, Smile Design + Business Talk

This 2-day intense session will provide information from A-Z on a more comprehensive approach to patient care.
It will provide you with details on concise treatment planning protocols and implementation to make your practice reach new heights.
The unique Business Talk session will blend this knowledge to create practice efficiencies and profits.

    • Maximum number of participants: 25


  • Photographic ViewsOne copy of the “Photographic Views” is included with the course. For additional copies, please click the “Buy Now” button below.
    Book price: $170 (+GST, shipping included).
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Photographic Session

    • Value of dental photography
    • Photographic views, armamentarium, ergonomic positioning
    • Hands on Photography session (Participants are required to bring a DSLR camera)

    • Critique photos – review errors and methods to alleviate them
    • Review of the key photos and their diagnostic value
    • Patient photographic presentation and verbal skills to explain treatment

Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Presentation

    • Data collection and records
    • New Patient protocols
    • Treatment planning a complex case
    • Complexity of the smile and esthetic analysis
    • Occlusion analysis in treatment planning

    • Sequencing treatment
    • Consequences of Poor Treatment Planning
    • An orthodontic perspective on smile design and treatment planning

Business Talk

    • Fees to Charge for comprehensive work
    • Scheduling
    • Goal Setting, Vacation and CE planning