Hands-On Photography Workshop

The workshop is ideal for:

    • Improving your documentation for Invisalign, Botox, basic and comprehensive treatment and legalities
    • Streamlining your treatment plans
    • Enhancing your diagnostic skills

    • Patient education for increased case acceptance
    • Preparing your practice for transition of sale
    • Consistent photographs for marketing
 (website, Facebook, newsletters)

  • Photographic ViewsOne copy of the “Photographic Views” is included with the course. For additional copies, please click the “Buy Now” button below.
    Book price: $170 (+GST, shipping included).
    Quantity can be selected after clicking the “Buy Now” button.

    • Speaker: Dr. Deborah Cooper
    • Cost $495 (+GST) per participant ($280 + GST per assistant you’d like to bring to the workshop, to pay on arrival)
    • Workshop Duration: 1 day
    • Maximum number of participants for each course: 30

  • TBA

The workshop includes:

    • A pre-workshop consultation in choosing a camera for dental photography
    • An outline of the armamentarium required for dental photography
    • Presentation of the variety of photos to be taken for: esthetic and comprehensive case work ups, new patient examinations, lesions

    • Hands on technique to take photographs including patient and doctor positioning for ideal ergonomics
    • Ways to provide a case presentation to the patient
    • How to introduce this into your practice from a recall and new patient perspective
    • “Photographic View”s book for future reference