The Exciting World of Implants

For many patients dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred treatment of choice.
This is a mentorship hands on course for practitioners who are new to the field of implants.

    • The course is ideal for those who have never placed implants, placed a few implants or for those who are now interested in the surgical aspect.
    • Dr. Podilsky has placed hundreds of implants using Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, Thommen, Biohorizon, Strauman and Camlog Systems.
    • As dentists we remember more when we get involved and participate in the process.
    • To ensure quality learning, class size is limited. This allows for personal interaction between participants.
  • What our clients say about us…

    I attended two modules of the Exciting World of Implant course at Manhattan centre. The hands-on was so valuable which covered all the steps from A to Z, and Dr. Podilsky teaches different systems!
    It was a great experience to use two different systems which gave me a clear idea about the differences between them.
    Furthermore, I was not able to find a patient, but Dr. Podilksy was extremely helpful and went as far as giving one of his patients! I not only placed an implant, but also did sinus lift, bone graft, ridge splitting and then placed two implants! I did all the procedures by myself and brought my assistant to the course so I felt that I was working at my office!
    Dr. Podilsky and his two assistants were there all the time who provided all the supports and answered all questions. I extremely appreciate the trust he placed in me and I am very grateful for all his support and help.
    Dr. Podilsky is a very engaging and informative speaker, but further, a very interesting and wonderful person. This course is highly recommended for everyone.
    Thank you again for all help.
    Aws Naeem

    Aws NaeemDentist
    • Speaker: Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky
    • Module 1 Cost $1,495 (+GST) per participant
    • Module 2 Cost $1,495 (+GST) per participant
    • Module 3 Cost $1,495 (+GST) per participant
    • Module 4 Cost $1,495 (+GST) per participant
    • Module 1, 2, 3 & 4: 2 days
    • Maximum number of participants for each course: 20

Module 1: Implant basics, implant complications, live surgery demonstration (2 days)

    • Rationale for dental implants
    • Bridge vs Implants
    • Biology and Anatomy
    • Case selection and when to refer to the specialist
    • Advantages of implant supported prosthesis
    • Implant terminology
    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Sequence of treatment planning an implant case
    • Completely edentulous case
    • Implant Prosthetic Classifications
    • Bone Classification and bone density
    • Key implant positions
    • Implants in the Esthetic Zone
    • Splinted vs. non-splinted implants
    • Implant Design
    • Contraindications to implants
    • Implant Maintenance
    • Implant Overdentures
    • Bone Grafting
    • Review of different implant systems
    • Socket preservation
    • Infection control and guidelines
    • Other discussions too numerous to mention
    • Complications in Implant Dentistry
    • “Live patient Surgery” Demonstration

Module 2: Treatment planning, Case studies, live surgery participation (2 days)

Module 1 is a prerequisite for this hands-on program.

The dentist, after extensive treatment planning will be comfortable in placing one or more implants.

    • Pre-operative diagnostic record requirements
    • Treatment planning the cases at hand
    • Case presentations and case acceptance
    • Implant opportunity analysis
    • Implant Profitability and what to charge
    • Immediate implant placement
    • Immediate implant placement in the Esthetic Zone
    • Patient communication and consent
    • “Live patient” Implant Surgery
    • Round table discussions and critiquing the surgeries

Module 3: Restorative and Occlusion in Implant dentistry (2 Days)

Restorative and Occlusion “Hands on Program”

    • Temporize in the Esthetic Zone
    • Review of Parts and components
    • Implant Prosthetic Maintenance requirements
    • Open verses closed tray technique
    • Screw versus cement retained restorations
    • Dealing with some restorative complication
    • Restorative materials
    • Occlusion

Module 4: Anterior aesthetics and guided surgery (2 days)

Module 1 is a prerequisite for this hands-on program.

The course will offer a “live” surgery demonstration on either an anterior case or a guided case

    • Implants in the Aesthetic Zone
    • Treatment planning in the aesthetic zone
    • Pros and cons of guided surgery
    • Technique of guided surgery
    • Smile analysis before implant placement in the aesthetic zone
    • Material choices